Parents outraged at ‘ridiculous’ speeders near Westsyde school

It can feel “like Russian roulette” for a pair of Kamloops parents who walk their kids to school along Westsyde Road, they say, thanks to motorists speeding through the school zone.

“You don’t know if you can catch up to them in time [when] some doorknob’s speeding down Westsyde Road. It’s kind of ridiculous,” said Aaron Davies.

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Each morning Aaron and Chrissie Davies drop their five year old son and daughter off at the newly reopened Westsyde elementary and their youngest son at daycare up the road.

“We have three young kids under five that are walking here, and they’ll run a little bit ahead and push the crosswalk [button], people won’t stop, their flying through going 70 [km/h],” said Chrissie.

She said some drivers will take notice of their speed and slow down but most do not.

“We ask them to slow down, we’ll point to the school, we’ll yell that it’s 30 [km/h] and they’ll flip us off or tell us where to go and keep driving,” Chrissie told KTW.

The parents said they have spoken to school officials about getting a crossing guard to work Westsyde Road and they’ve also been in contact with the police who she described as attending the area constantly.

Kamloops Mounties have been monitoring the school zone through its speed watch program.

On Tuesday, police were out clocking motorists as they drove through the 30 km/h school zone, which is back in force around the school at 3550 Westsyde Rd. for the first time in 13 years.

Speed watch volunteer Esko Rissanen said traffic through Westsyde elementary’s school zone can be mayhem in the mornings, with vehicles coming and going from the school and others on their morning commute to work.

Describing motorists as creatures of habit, Rissanen said many may not be aware the speed limit is back in force, making their efforts important to raising awareness.

Chrissie said the situation has improved slightly since September, with police maintaining a sporadic presence in the area.

On two prior occasions, Kamloops Mounties have clocked more than 350 drivers speeding through the new Westsyde elementary school zone since the start of the school year, police say.

Police were in the area on Sept. 22 and Oct. 17, catching 57 motorists driving through at more than 20 km/h over the 30 km/h speed limit, among other infractions.

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