People’s Party pick has political past

Ken Finlayson has been acclaimed by the People's Party of Canada as its candidate for the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo

The People’s Party of Kamloops has acclaimed a candidate for the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo in the upcoming Oct. 21 election.

Ken Finlayson, who operates a small ranch near Lac la Hache, will run under the PPC banner this fall.

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“Having been afflicted with an active interest in politics my entire life, I now find myself drawn back into the political arena,” said Finlayson in an email to KTW.

Finlayson was born and raised into a farming and ranching family near North Battleford, Sask. and has been living in B.C. for about a year and a half.

In the past he’s worked as a rancher in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan, and as a truck driver and rodeo cowboy.

Finlayson is no stranger to a federal campaign, having run as an independent candidate in Battlefords-Lloydminster in a 2017 byelection.

He said had previously attempted to seek the Conservative nomination but was rejected by the party’s nomination committee.

Finlayson described himself as a conservative and noted “division, uncertainty and suffocating government regulations” as factors in his decision to run as the PPC candidate for the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo.

“I can’t just stand idly by and watch a great nation and a people I love, with our potential and opportunity, self-destruct,” he said.

Finlayson described Conservative leader Andrew Scheer as being weak, sharing similarities to prime minister Justin Trudeau — who he described as a train wreck — in policies and platforms.

Electing Scheer, he said, would mean maintaining the status quo in Ottawa.

“More big government, more corporate welfare, more pandering to special interests, more unaccountable foreign aid,” he said.

He also criticized Scheer as trying to be “all things to all people” which is impossible, whereas PPC leader Max Bernier is more honest in stating that they won’t be able to please everyone and allows his candidates to speak about controversial issues.

“You don’t have to act like a bunch of trained seals which is basically what we have in the House of [Commons],” Finlayson said.

He said he’s not fond of Bernier’s postal code, resenting the fact governments can be chosen by winning enough seats in just Ontario and Quebec — something he said needs to change — but that’s about the only thing he doesn’t like.

Finlayson said he himself supports small government, free markets, free speech and personal responsibility — all of which are components of the PPC platform and underpin western society.

He said he believes it’s time for “a bold and honest change in direction in government” and is looking forward to meeting new and old friends alike on the campaign trail.

With Finlayson, four of five candidates have been acclaimed for the Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo riding, with the Green Party the only party yet to select a candidate.

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