Public will have its say at Kamloops committee meetings

Kamloops council is looking to add public input during committee meetings.

Council has directed staff to create a formal process for public delegations to address council committees in those groups’ terms of reference.

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The push to add time for the public at committee meetings was made during a committee of the whole meeting earlier this month, Coun. Dale Bass told KTW.

“Formalizing that is really going to be a good thing,” Bass said.

“It gives them [the public] a chance to have input at an earlier stage in the process.”

Bass noted other communities utilize public input in their committee structures.

“It’s a good thing. I’m thinking in terms of the civic operations [committee] that I’m on, we’re going to be talking about biosolids at some point, with some concrete ideas, and I suspect there would be groups out there that want to come and talk to us about that,” she said.

As with public input sessions at regular council meetings, delegations at committee meetings would have a specific amount of time and would need to stick to the topic of discussion.

“It can’t just be up there grumbling and complaining because you want to grumble and complain,” Bass said.

“You’re contributing to the discussion.”

She said regardless of a contrary or supportive viewpoint, the public input will help build the base of knowledge upon which the committee makes recommendations to council.

“We represent the people. We should hear from the people, too,” Bass said.

Last year the city altered its committee structure, creating five standing council committees — community relations, development and sustainability, civic operations, community services, and finance.

Each committee includes three city council members, with internal and external working groups providing input.

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