RCMP warn of computer scam

Kamloops resident loses $18,000 in internet scam

Another scammer has taken thousands of dollars from a Kamloops resident.

Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Jodi Shelkie said police received a report of an internet scam where the victim lost approximately $18,000.

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A few months ago, the victim’s computer apparently froze, resulting in a “Microsoft Alert” that asked for money to fix the issue.

“The victim provided their credit card number to the software company — NAVSAM Systems Ltd. — who made multiple charges to their credit card,” Shelkie said.

The victim then received another “Microsoft Alert,” which stated the firewall had crashed, requiring additional funds to fix.

Shelkie said the victim became suspicious and contacted the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, which confirmed it was a scam.

The fleecing follows news last week of a Kamloops resident losing $4,000 in a phone scam.

The victim answered a call from a man claiming to be employed in the security department of a major Canadian bank. The caller told the victim to use a credit card to purchase Apple gifts cards and, utilizing a downloaded computer program, scan and upload the card’s information into the program. The victim was assured they would be reimbursed for the expenditure by the bank.

Alas, when the $4,000 was not reimbursed, the victim called the bank and learned it was a scam.

Shelkie said police are warning people to be wary of calls, texts and emails from people asking for money and to check with banks or companies the caller claims to be representing and to contact their software or security software company directly for assistance if contacted online.

“Do not click on any links in the fake alert message and do not call any numbers,” Shelkie said. “Close all windows, exit the browser and reboot.”

Scams can be reported to the federal government’s Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by calling 1-888-495-8501. It is a toll-free number.

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