Say hello to a lot more Liams and Olivias

There have been 40,565 babies born in B.C. this year, through Dec. 18 — 20,744 boys and 19,821 girls. Here are the most popular names

Liam and Olivia are set to win the titles for the most popular names for babies born in B.C. in 2018, based on statistics through Dec. 18.

According to the Ministry of Health, there have been 40,565 babies born in B.C. this year, through Dec. 18 — 20,744 boys and 19,821 girls. Of those, Liam is the most-often used boys’ name, while Olivia leads the way for girls.

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Liam is followed by Lucas, Oliver, Benjamin, Ethan, Noah, Logan, William, James and Leo. A new addition to the top 10 in 2018 is Leo. In 2017, Benjamin was the number 1 boys' name in B.C., followed by Liam, Logan, Lucas, a tie for fifth between Ethan and James, then Oliver, Noah, William and Owen.

For six of the past seven years, Olivia has been the favourite name for girls born in British Columbia. So far in 2018, that name leads the list for girls, followed by Emma, Amelia, Charlotte, Chloe, Ava, Sophia, Isla, Emily and Hannah. Isla is new to the list this year.

Olivia was the number 1 girls' name in 2017, followed by Emma, Sophia, a tie between Ava and Charlotte, then Emily, Chloe, Hannah, Amelia and Abigail.

In the past 100 years, Emma and Ethan are the most popular baby names for boys and girls, respectively, in B.C.

Only names whose frequency occurs five or more times are listed.

The 40,565 babies born in B.C. in 2018 (through Dec. 18) is down from 2017, which saw 44,694 babies born in B.C. (21,727 girls and 22,967 boys).

To see the full list of the most popular baby names in B.C. for 2017, click here.

Click here to compare your name to others in the number of times it has been used. 


Here are the most popular baby names in B.C. through this century:


2000: Joshua

2001: Matthew

2002: Ethan

2003: Ethan

2004: Ethan

2005: Ethan

2006: Ethan

2007: Ethan

2008: Ethan

2009: Ethan

2010: Jacob

2011: Liam

2012: Ethan

2013: Liam

2014: Ethan

2015: Oliver

2016: Lucas

2017: Benjamin

2018: Liam


2000: Emily

2001: Emily

2002: Emily

2003: Emma

2004: Emma

2005: Emma

2006: Emma

2007: Ava

2008: Ava

2009: Olivia

2010: Olivia

2011: Emma

2012: Olivia

2013: Olivia

2014: Olivia

2015: Emma

2016: Olivia

2017: Olivia

2018: Olivia

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