Server glitch in France means parking is free in downtown Kamloops

Pay stations are not working as of Feb. 6; it is unknown when the issue will be resolved.

UPDATE: As of Thursday, Feb. 7, it appears the server problem has been fixed as pay parking is back in effect in downtown Kamloops.


Parking is free downtown until further notice due to a server glitch with the city’s pay stations.

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City of Kamloops bylaw services manager John Ramsay told KTW the city became aware of technical payment issues via the city’s pay stations and Whoosh app on Wednesday at about 9:20 a.m.

The problem continued into the afternoon and it is unknown when the issue will be resolved.

Ramsay said the issue is not a result of cold weather, but rather the city’s pay station provider, Parkeon, which is dealing with server issues in France.

“They’re working on it right now to try and get it fixed,” Ramsay said.

Until the issue is resolved, parking tickets will not be issued to vehicles that did not pay for parking.

Servers have gone down in the past, Ramsay said, at which time it took between 30 minutes and a day to get them online.

The city collects between $3,000 and $4,000 per day in parking revenues.

Asked if this is part of a larger issue, Ramsay said technological issues happen, whether with pay stations or personal computers. He said the city is trying to accommodate needs of the community in offering online payment options and allowing residents to move parking spaces and take time with them, which was not the case with previous coin-operated meters.

“When we have wireless technology, this is a possibility,” Ramsay said. “But it also gives us more options … there’s always the cost-benefit analysis we have to do.”

Those who receive a parking ticket related to non-payment while the parking stations and app are down can visit the city’s parking services department at city hall, 7 West Victoria St., to have the ticket voided.

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