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Test your knowledge of our province. We have golf passes to The Dunes of Kamloops to award as prizes. There are two ways to enter: 1) email your answers to or 2) drop off your answers at KTW’s office, at 1365B Dalhousie Dr. Deadline to enter is Monday, Aug. 5 (B.C. Day), at noon. Quiz answers and winners will be published in the Aug. 7 print edition of KTW and online at

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Q1: Who is this man and what is his claim to fame in B.C.?

Q2: Which B.C. Interior town was moved from the north side of 
a lake to the south side of a lake in the late 1800s, with the 
buildings shimmied across the ice?

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Q3: On Nov. 27, 1989, 146 centimetres of snow fell on one day on this British Columbia ghost town, setting a Canadian record for greatest single-day snowfall. Name the ghost town.

Q4: Name the last three chiefs of the Tk’emlups te Secwepemc First Nation, including the current chief.

Q5: Who was British Columbia’s first female premier?

Q6: What was officially opened at Rogers Pass on Sept. 3, 1962?

Q7: According to the B.C. Assembly of First Nations, how many First Nations are in the province?

Q8: What year did British Columbia join Confederation?

Q9: The Last Spike of the Canadian Pacific Railway was the 
ceremonial final spike driven into the railway on Nov. 7, 1885, 
at 9:22 a.m. at what B.C. location?

Q10: The exact geographical centre of British Columbia is located close to Highway 16, a few kilometres east of what town?

Q11: The British Columbia provincial flag was adopted in 1960. It depicts the Union Jack on the top. The bottom shows blue and white wavy lines topped by a setting sun. What do the blue and white lines represent?

Q12: What is the largest natural lake 
located entirely in the province?

Q13: What is the fourth-largest city in British Columbia, in terms of area within its boundaries?

Q14: What is the length, in kilometres, of the Trans-Canada Highway in B.C.?

Q15: What mountain contains the highest point in the province, at 4,663 metres (15,299 feet)?

Q16: How many U.S. states border British Columbia?

Q17: The name “Kamloops” comes from the Secwepemc word, “Tk’emlups.” 
What does it mean?

Q18: Name Canada’s highest waterfall, which are located in B.C.

Q19: What did newspaper publisher Joseph Coyle of Smithers invent in 1911?

BC Lions

Q20: The British Columbia Lions are the province’s oldest professional sports organization and have won the Canadian Football League’s Grey Cup six times: 1964, 1985, 1994, 2000, 2006 and 2011. How did the team get its “Lions” nickname?

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