The Red Brigade dances against Trans Mountain

Dressed in crimson outfits and white face makeup, a group of Kamloops dancers staged a protest on Monday against the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project.

The protest took place outside the Cando yard on Mission Flats, where pipe has been stored.

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The protest began with a funeral-like procession on public property toward a fence warning against trespassing on private property, where the group had a short, silent, slow-moving dance performance.

One CP Police cruiser and one Kamloops RCMP vehicle could be seen in the area while the protest, which attracted about a dozen onlookers, took place without interruption.

The group’s effort was to raise public consciousness that the pipeline will increase the amount of bitumen travelling top the coast, organizer Katie Welch said.

“If the amount of bitumen they’re exporting from Alberta gets burned, there’s no way Canada can meet its climate goals — absolutely none. We’re damning our children to irrevocable climate change by building this pipeline,” Welch told reporters.

The red costumes represented the blood that flows through everyone, and passion to mitigate climate change, she said, adding the speed of the dance was meant to symbolize the need for society to slow down and think about what it is doing.

Welch said she intends to plan future protests.

The Kamloops Red Brigade was formed in the last two weeks, piggybacking the Extinction Rebellion out of the United Kingdom. Welch said she wanted to do something “other than just wave signs” and brought the idea to dance friends.



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