The Royal visit to Kamloops remembered

Thirty-five years ago this week, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, en route to Expo 86, stopped in Kamloops and were joined by thousands in Riverside Park.


Thirty-five years ago this week — on Saturday, May 3, 1986, to be precise — Prince Charles and Princess Diana set the city abuzz with their Expo year visit, which saw the royal couple and thousands of their most intimate Kamloops friends get to know each other better at Riverside Park.

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“What a couple!” bellowed the front page of the next day’s Kamloops Sentinel, while the Kamloops News’ cover page exclaimed, “Wasn’t it a party! Charles, Diana take city by charm.”

The above photo of Charles and Diana in Riverside Park, along with others featured here, was taken by Gordon Gore, the late founder of the Big Little Science Centre.

The Kamloops History Facebook page contains a section dedicated to the visit, with many residents sharing memories. Here is a sampling:

Carroll Weseen: “Remember how excited we were when we all got to shake Lady Diana's hand and you, Ken and I got to shake the prince’s hand. Still remember Ken chatting with him about taking pictures and going for a beer instead! Memories!

Wayne Nickoli: “Played in the KSO for that visit. We were far away in the bandshell, but up high ,so not a bad view.”

Cindy Herrick: “I remember sitting on the tailgate of our truck at our house on Tranquille as they drove by, waving. We saluted them with the cold beers! Fond memories!”

Melanie Finn: "I got to shake Dianna's hand.”

Lisa Lundstrom: “I was in the Navy League at the time. A few of us were chosen to walk behind them and hold all the flowers they were being given. It was a super cool experience.”

Alana Rose Greffard: “I remember being there. Shook the prince’s hand and gave Princess Di flowers. It was great! I was so excited and i was 16! ha ha!”

Bryan Daubney: “I remember handing Diana a rose and she said, ‘Oh, thank you!’ to me. My mother nearly had a heart attack with delight.”
Eileen E. Wagner: “I remember standing with my mom on Fortune Drive and watched their limo go by. I was 14 and she specifically waved at me and gave me that beautiful smile. We were the only ones standing at that specific spot, so I knew it was for me. And it wasn't that royal wave, either. It was a real wave.”


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