Trans Mountain to give City of Kamloops an extra $200,000

The city will receive the additional funds to be used for a purpose to be announced in the coming months, as a result of pipeline expansion construction impacts to Kenna Cartwright Park.

Kamloops will receive an additional $200,000 from Trans Mountain as a result of pipeline construction impacts in Kenna Cartwright Park.

On Tuesday (Oct. 6), Trans Mountain senior community liaison Kate Stebbings said during an appearance at city council that the city will receive the additional funds to be used for a purpose to be announced in the coming months, as a result of impacts to Kenna Cartwright Park.

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Stebbings told council the area is an active construction site, including in progress right-of-way preparation, development of an access road and mainline construction. She further told KTW negotiation for the additional money occurred within the last six months because the existing right-of-way in the park was full. Trans Mountain needed a new right-of-way in Kenna Cartwright Park, Stebbings said, noting most other locations in Kamloops, the right-of-way had room for a second pipeline.

“What happens is we already have an existing right-of-way within the park and we have two pipelines within that right-of-way,” Stebbings said. “So, in order to put that new pipeline in, we needed additional land and so it’s compensation for that land and for the changes in use that creates for the park.”

Asked if the land compensation comes with impacts to the park, Stebbings said: “It’s a matter of accommodating that right-of-way. It doesn’t remove any land from the park. It doesn’t impact use of the park. It will change the contours of the park a little bit because there will be a wider pipeline area than there was before, so that’s part of the compensation calculation.”

City of Kamloops civic operations director Jen Fretz told KTW the city had many conversations with Trans Mountain, which she said has been “wonderful” to work with. She said BC Hydro completed work through Kenna last year, Trans Mountain is working in the park this year and FortisBC will also conduct work next year.

“The restoration work is all going to be done, but at the end of the day, it’s a huge impact to the park,” Fretz said. “That’s where those discussions came around, ‘I know that you gave us a whole bunch of money for all of the interruptions — like the $700,000 community benefit agreement — but, at the same time, Kenna is continuing to get hit’ So that’s what those discussions were around.”

The city would not comment yet on for what the money will be used. 

Fretz said that the money will not necessarily be used for Kenna Cartwright Park. 

“We haven’t decided yet,” Fretz said. “We have a few options and we will make sure we announce it when we know.”

The money will not go into city coffers, but will be dedicated toward a city initiative.

The $200,000 comes in addition to a $700,000 community benefit agreement signed with Kamloops, a new dog park at Aviation Way — due to the temporarily closure of a dog park on Ord Road for construction — and additional tax revenues to hit city coffers in the future, when the TMX pipeline twinning project is completed.

Trans Mountain pays the city about $2 million in property taxes per year. The expansion is expected to increase that amount by between $750,000 to $1 million — to up to $3 million in total annually — depending on evaluation by BC Assessment. 

Asked if any more money is expected, KTW was told the city does not expect additional compensation.

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