Where Are They Now? Charlie the kitten enjoying his lives

Charlie the kitten is ending 2019 on a high note after having a difficult summer.

Charlie was a rescue cat who, after ending up in the care of the Kamloops and District Humane Society, was found to be suffering from a broken hip.

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In spite of the injury, he remained a cheerful and upbeat cat through the experience.

“He’s a really happy little kitten,” said Barbara Zibrik, executive director at the Kamloops and District Humane Society, at the time. “He just hasn’t stopped purring through the whole thing and I marvel at that.”

His hip was promptly treated by Sandy Jamieson at the Cat Hospital in Kamloops, but the organization was out the cost of the surgery and was looking to fundraise to cover medical bills.

They were also looking to find Charlie a new home, which they did just a few months ago.

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Zibrik was pleased to let us know that after fully recovering from his injuries, Charlie was adopted by a family on Oct. 19.

“I spoke to Charlie’s new ‘mom,’ Kristi, earlier today,” Zibrik wrote in an email to KTW.

“She says he has settled into their home and has pretty much taken it over.”

Charlie has a four-legged companion to show him the ropes at his new home — another kitten named Itchy, and the two are apparently getting along great.

“They have a blast playing together,” Zibrik said.

Charlie cat xray
Charlie’s X-rays that show the broken hip.

Their fundraising efforts were also successful in raising the equivalent of what was spent on Charlie’s care, making the story a win for everyone involved.

The Kamloops and District Humane Society fosters its animals in homes of volunteers.

The smaller scale of the organization, with less costly overhead, means more of the funds raised can go directly to animals in its care.

Approximately 250 animals go through the humane society every year.

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