Yet another phone scam arrives in Kamloops

A Kamloops woman is warning the public not to be taken in by phone scams after she received two dubious calls in three hours last week.

Maeve Topolnisky said she received a call at about about 7 a.m. on the morning of Aug. 26 from someone claiming to be a Royal Bank of Canada employee.

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The man on the other line asked for her by name and told Topolnisky a suspicious party had withdrawn $780 from her bank account. He asked for her account number in order to put a hold on the transaction.

Topolnisky, however, knew it was a scam.

“I’ve never had an RBC account,” she told KTW.

Topolnisky didn’t tell the fraudster that and simply denied the request and hung up.

About three hours later, she received a call from another person claiming to be with RBC who asked for her by name and gave her the same story.

When she again refused, the person on the other line said he had called the wrong person.

Topolnisky said she called the Kamloops RCMP detachment to report the scam and was told that police don’t take any action unless money has been stolen.

The advice from police is to refrain from giving out personal information over the phone.

The RCMP warns that at no time should banking information be given over the phone to anyone, unless you have called the institution directly.

If a banking institution should call you, police advise calling back using a number found online by you or a number given to you previously by your bank.

Sgt. Sascha Fesenko told KTW the call sounds like your “typical scam,” but he hasn’t noticed any other complaints of that specific story being reported to police.

“They can happen any time, anywhere with that type of thing,” Fesenko said.

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