Beware these fibre-optic installation woes on your property


I live on Gleneagles Drive in Upper Sahali.

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The Telus fibre-optic installation project crew chief assured me on several occasions they would restore my property to its original condition after completing underground work.

I have taken photos showing their interpretation of a restored property.

About three weeks after burying cables and filling trenches, they threw grass seed on top of the now weed-infested clay soil. No topsoil, no soil covering, no watering and no instructions or expectations for me. The trench from the street to my house (seeded three weeks ago) was well-watered by the recent rainy days, but there is still no grass showing and likely never will be.

By now, much of the seed has been washed into clumps from the rainfall.

While digging the trench to bury the fibre-optic line, they dug up an Oregon grape plant, leaving it with its roots severely cut back and exposed to the sun for two days.

I had to find the crew chief to tell him about it. For some reason, he seemed surprised and annoyed that I would want that put back. They dug a hole, jammed the plant into it and left. No good soil used, no watering and no instructions for me.

Similar damage was done to a small flower bed.

They never took pictures, obviously do not have a horticulturist on staff and no one has ever apologized or been back to check on their restoration efforts or to ask if I am satisfied.

My neighbour told me she had not signed anything with the Telus fibre-optic installers. She said she had determined exactly what their work would include, gave them her demands, including installed turf to cover the areas affected. She had the fibre-optic line installed and covered with turf to her specification within three days.

It seems to me the crew chief appears to consider residents that are co-operative and considerate to be naive and an easy mark. That's a bad mistake.

Here are a few tips for residents:

o be a demanding hard nose, not a co-operative and considerate resident;

o don't sign anything;

o determine exactly what they are to install and take photographs. Have two copies of the photos signed by you and the crew chief.

o set time limits for completion, in stages if possible.

Marvin Dyck Kamloops

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