EDITORIAL: From hope to nope in the PMO

What is it about power that often leads a person to become what he or she once mocked?

We see it in politics again and again as an opposition member in Ottawa or Victoria rightly calls out the government on a matter, only to later emulate the government’s stonewalling tactics when said member’s party is elected to govern.

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A textbook example of this disregard for the taxpaying public was on full display this week in Ottawa, courtesy of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The prime minister was asked by Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre whether the carbon tax levied on provinces that do not already have such a tax will have a sales tax added.

In other words, as Poilievre said, will there be a tax on a tax?

(In B.C., there is. Check your Fortis bill and you will see the carbon tax is then taxed with a five per cent GST levy.)

Poilievre asked that question four times and each time Trudeau refused to answer, instead delivering long-winded soliloquies on climate change while the Liberal MPs behind him banged their desks and clapped their hands like trained seals.

Trudeau’s refusal to give a simple answer to a question that affects all Canadian taxpayers is an insult to those he purports to serve.

When elected in 2015, Trudeau said governance in Canada would change, that “sunny ways” were on the way.

During his victory speech, he said: “This is what positive politics can do. This is what a positive, hopeful, a hopeful vision, and a platform and a team together can make happen. As I’ve said many times over the course of this campaign, conservatives are not our enemies, they’re our neighbours.”

It seems Trudeau has since moved from that neighbourhood.

It is sad, but not surprising, to see a politician go from hope to nope.

Trudeau’s message during that 2015 campaign was that Canada deserves better. That is the message the public needs to send to the prime minister today.

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