EDITORIAL: Government surveys should focus on important issues

Do we really need a government-created survey asking residents for their opinions on time change?

With mill after mill closing, drought conditions worsening and homelessness, addiction and mental-health issues still at crisis levels, can the government really afford to waste any of its resources on an issue that will solve itself soon enough?

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As detailed on page A4 of today’s paper, the provincial NDP government has created an online survey to get feedback on the issue of time change.

With the states of California, Oregon and Washington well on their way to abolishing the spring and fall clock movements and remaining on daylight time year-round, Premier John Horgan and his New Democrats felt the time was right to survey the masses about time.

The survey is a waste of time and energy, regardless of where you stand on the issue.

With the three states definitely moving to year-round daylight time as soon as legislation is enacted in each jurisdiction (Washington has completed its part) and signed off by Congress and U.S. President Donald Trump (who has said he will do so), what is there to ask B.C. residents?

Horgan knows full well that, as the three West Coast states go, so goes British Columbia.

And it matters not if Alaska and/or Mexico’s Baja California region don’t follow the year-round daylight saving movement because B.C., Washington, Oregon and California form the economic heft of the West Coast.

In the summer of 2017, the province’s lieutenant-governor asked the NDP to form government, with the help of three Green MLAs. As government, the NDP needs to make decisions on less important matters — such as time change — and save surveys and government resources that go with them for tackling crucial issues like mill closures.

Create a survey and ask for suggestions on fixing what is ailing the forestry sector. There may be some diamond-in-the-rough ideas that could help an industry, and people, truly in need.

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