FOULDS: The Dating Game 2.0

The first legal pot store in B.C. and now home to a home-based doll brothel?

As a friend from Vancouver quipped this week, “Kamloops is going nuts!”

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If this cutting-edge entrepreneurship doesn’t end, the Tournament Capital brand may be in jeopardy.

Then again, with cannabis shops popping up like, well, weeds, and with House of Dolls ready to rent silicone companionship, perhaps these add-ons will only further enhance our reputation in the lucrative sports tournament market.

What’s better after a game than to send the kids to the hotel pool while you cozy up with a companion and a doobie? Chances are she or he will be less annoying than your average hockey parent prone to screaming at shell-shocked referees barely into puberty.

And when your date is a real doll, your joint will never be Bogarted.

Kelowna cannot compete.

Yes, those are all bad jokes and there have been many more made after we published a story this week about an Aberdeen woman who has created a company that plans to rent out sex dolls as of Dec. 1.

When the story was posted on our website and linked to Facebook and Twitter, it blew up, with too many comments to count. Many were humorous, some were critical and others lauded the unique idea, noting it might serve a clientele that would otherwise possibly spend money on actual prostitutes or escorts, some (most?) of whom are exploited.

The Vancouver Sun and Province newspapers noticed the story and did their own, in which House of Dolls owner Kristen Dickson said her website crashed soon after the KTW story was published, with too many people logging on.

Whether that rush of fingers on keyboards is due to curiosity or actual interest in renting the dolls remains to be seen.

But it is a fascinating story that goes far beyond the initial titillation.

The initiative speaks to a monumental change in the way we view and conduct sex and companionship. Society has transitioned from the comparatively tame Playboy magazines under our dad’s bed to anything-goes porn, freely available online.

Society long ago stepped out from asking a father for permission to date his daughter to simply swiping right or left while viewing hundreds of possible dates on a smartphone.

And, it appears, we are now crossing the line that separates flesh from fantasy.

How long until the silicone sex dolls in Kamloops and Vancouver become sex robots that can mimic much of what humans do?

Mariana Adshade of the UBC School of Economics specializes in the economics of sex and love.

She told Postmedia that she has been writing on the emergent sex robot industry and how it will change relationships as we know it.

With artificial intelligence growing by the day, how long until an artificial wife is as common as the flesh and bones variety? And with that comes plenty of questions relating to laws, codes of conduct and how a person’s “relationship” with an artificial partner may impact interaction with humans.

There are many companies spending serious money on developing sex robots. Major news outlets have written about Harmony, considered the most advanced sex robot in the world.

There were some readers offended by the fact we wrote the story on Kamloops’ home-based doll brothel.

But it is indeed a story, one that involves a unique venture in the city while also encompassing technology that has the ability to utterly transform the dynamics involved in relationships.

Yes, it’s weird. But it’s definitely news — and much more will be written on this subject as the industry evolves.
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