Letter: A crew of three could patch Kamloops' potholes


One cannot help but agree with letter writer Bob Wren regarding potholes and road conditions in Kamloops (‘Show them the door, not the potholes,” Oct. 19):

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In doing my due diligence, I spoke with a professional road builder. He told me there are three grades of asphalt depending on the amount of oil in each grade.

He contended that the city uses the third grade, which has the least amount of oil, thus causing the asphalt to dry out quickly, with no allowance to expand and contract.

The result is a pothole.

City crews seemed to have stopped fixing potholes at the end of August, but we had a lot of rain-free weather in September and October.

It seems one crew of three people could have filled in the potholes left behind.

Les Dueck


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