Letter: An argument for keeping time change


Is the twice per year time change necessary? Of course it is.

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Kamloops’ geographical location is almost perfect to benefit from the extra evening hour in summer and the extra morning hour in winter.

As we move our clocks forward this weekend, more evening daylight is immediate — and can be used to take advantage of outdoor sports and activities.

A stop the time change initiative continues, although it remains a bad idea. Many of us already prepare for the spring forward time change on Saturday night by moving our clocks ahead one hour as early as 8 p.m.

Soon after, it’s as simple as putting away the electronics and going to bed. Do not sleep in the next morning and you should be tired enough to retire early that evening.

Then, as I address this primarily to day workers and students, you should have little trouble waking at usual time, or even a bit earlier, on Monday.

Yes, your body’s systems will need time to adjust, but this will be up to you as a matter of discipline.

If you wake up late and head out the door in a matter of minutes, you leave yourself vulnerable to accidents and compromised immunity.

The stop the time change gang seems to blame the morning loss of one hour for the (supposed) increase in accidents by certain commuters.

The truth is that most mishaps are preventable with discipline and common-sense.

One analogy would be to blame a snow-covered road as the cause of accidents when, in fact, crashes are mainly due to driver inexperience and inattention.

If some can adjust to time change, then all should be able to. Eliminating time change “just because” should not be considered.

One idea has been mentioned before. This involves moving the clocks ahead a half-hour on the first Sunday in March, then by another half-hour on the first Sunday in April.

We would then fall back as usual in early November. Of course, the entire Pacific time zone would have to do this.

Finally, to the naïve stop the time change supporters, give us all a break.

You cannot compare Kamloops (and most of southern B.C.) to places like Florida, Arizona, Southern California, Saskatchewan or Hudson’s Hope.

Kamloops benefits the most from the twice-yearly time change. Let’s maintain the status-quo.

Oh, and do get out and enjoy our extended spring, summer and autumn evenings from March 10 through Nov. 2.

H.W. Druskee

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