Letter: An example of typical intolerance of the so-called tolerant


Re: The letter from Martha Solomon in the Sept. 11 edition of KTW (‘Screening film is a bad plan’):

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It is tragic to continue to see people who voice a defence for the right of  people to choose, yet their solution to this is to take away people’s right to choose.

Anyone who makes a statement believing it to be the truth should be confident in their position to engage in open dialogue.

Many progressives, in fact, have had their points of view advanced because they engaged ideas that were opposed to the status quo — and changed people’s perceptions or actions.

It is troubling to see people such as Solomon argue for the defence of rights, yet her solution is to prevent the presentation of opposing arguments, which would allow others to have the freedom to render their own conclusions on the matter.

This appears as the typical intolerance of the so called tolerant.

Hats off to the Kamloops Film Society for allowing the presentation of diverse points of view.

Again, if anyone is confident in what they believe to be true, there should be no fear from the presentation of information that does not align with one’s position.

In the end, contrary to how Solomon feels, it really is about, as the film society posits, censoring the access of information available to individuals.

Ian Kennedy

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