Letter: Baffled by results of KTW’s climate change question of the week


KTW’s recent Talk Back online question asked readers if they would be willing to pay more taxes to fund City of Kamloops initiatives to combat climate change.

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The results: 62 per cent said no, as it is too late to reverse damage done, while 38 per cent said yes, we must do what we can to combat climate change.

I cannot believe anyone would vote no to combatting climate change, let alone 62 per cent of the 810 people who voted in the poll.

Perhaps they voted no to paying more taxes?

I think those who voted no are actually climate change deniers.

Or, to quote Greta Thunberg, “the vast majority of people don’t know we’re in a climate crisis” — so why would they think it was too late to reverse the damage?

I say shame on those who are more concerned about their pocketbooks than their children’s future.

Kathy Karlstrom
Little Fort

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