Letter: BC Hydro report shows previous government enriched the wealthy


Given that British Columbians were already reeling from the legislature scandal, the recent news that BC Hydro ratepayers are on the hook for $16 billion dollars of unneeded, run-of-the-river IPP electricity should have most voters convinced that the B.C. Liberals should never again be trusted with running the government.

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One can only imagine the backroom deals that occurred to enable the Gordon Campbell government to ensure B.C. Liberal insiders would be awarded long-term contracts to provide power at vastly inflated prices for electricity to be generated during the spring and summer seasons, when it was not needed.

Adding insult to injury, the projects were built without adequate environmental oversight.

Fish streams were damaged and expensive hydro lines were constructed through sensitive forests and landscapes.

During the B.C. Liberal tenure, if and when there was a profit at BC Hydro (and ICBC), it was diverted to general revenue to allow for more tax cuts instead of helping pay off massive debt.

As the cost of using electricity skyrockets, remember that it will only increase more once the cost of the Site C dam is included.

B.C. Liberal politicians have long promoted themselves as the best party to manage the economy, but now we can all clearly see they were only the best party to further enrich their already wealthy friends at the expense of most citizens.

Jim Cooperman

Lee Creek

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