Letter: Biosolids in Kamloops should not be Turtle Valley's problem


If the City of Kamloops believes class B biosolids are safe as soil amendments, the city should be using them on public spaces within its boundaries to enhance its parkland, green spaces and recreation facilities.

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Doing so would save the city the $4.4 million now being paid to Nutrigrow/Arrow Transport to haul the biosolids from the city’s waste-treatment site to a bison ranch in Turtle Valley,

This is unlikely because city residents would be vocal in their objections for valid reasons.

The toxic footprint of the materials and their potential impact on the health and safety of people and animals would not be allowed.

In addition, concerns would be raised about safety, traffic volume, dust and noise. These are the issues that Turtle Valley residents are now facing.

 There are as many experts concerned about the safety of applying class B bisolids to agricultural land as there are experts who tell us not to worry.

When there is so much disagreement among the experts, then surely the wise course of action is extreme caution and intense scrutiny of all land application plans.   

 The Turtle Valley application of class B biosolids will cover 31 hectares of logged mountainside (Mount Boysee) one meter deep in a mix of biosolids/soil/wood fibre. 

The land use application does not adequately cover load, slope or surface water concerns.

If toxic materials wash from the site into Chum Creek and, ultimately, the Thompson River, salmon populations could be affected. 

The significant risks posed by this biosolids application will not be borne solely by those who profit directly from it.

The shortsighted choices of the Turtle Valley Bison Ranch, Nutrigrow/Arrow Transport and the City of Kamloops should not be allowed to affect my health, the health of my family and community or the future of my children and grandchildren.

City residents, your taxes are paying for this contract.

Isn’t it time to find a better solution than dumping your biosolids on the neighbours?

 The next biosolids project could be next door to you.

 Join us in protesting this biosolids application at Kamloops City Hall this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Margaret Fryatt

Turtle Valley

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