Letter: Book lovers need and want our libraries


Re: Tom Joseph’s letter of Dec. 28, in which he argues against building brick and mortar libraries (‘Create electronic libraries’):

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Although there certainly is a place for e-books, thankfully not everyone would completely dismiss the value of physical books.

I’ve noticed both Kamloops libraries are busy with patrons every time I’ve been there, especially the library on the North Shore.

There are usually dozens of people in there, many of them parents with youngsters.

It’s wonderful.

The semi-annual Barb’s Used Book and Music Sale is packed with readers — and it seems to be a social event, too.

I wonder if having access only to online books can possibly entice children into the world of reading as do the colourful, artful and exciting books their parents are reading to them now?

So far, a good number of readers still have a love of books that have weight and substance to them, books they can hold and carry around, books that get dog-eared and worn with use, especially when they are loved and re-read over and over, books they can loan to a fellow reader or borrow from a friend.

Physical books have glamour, romance, colour and life to them, attributes that are lost when considering convenient, but utilitarian e-books.

Books and readers need libraries and bookstores.

Marie Betcher

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