Letter: Bring back the children’s librarian to North Kamloops Library


It is a travesty that the children’s librarian position has been removed from the North Kamloops Library.

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When a small child is beginning to learn how to ask for help, having someone at their eye level at an appointed desk to assist them re-affirms confidence, independence and provides safety in a public place.

Now that this position has been removed, a young reader must stand at the main desk, over which some kids cannot see, and ask for help.

What’s next? Will the children’s section be dismantled, with the excuse that kids are no longer reading books?

It is a complete breakdown of our system when funds are used for a monstrosity of an expansion at the downtown location, with no purpose other than visual, while in our neighbourhood an essential educational resource is being eliminated.

Libraries are essential in a community, not only as an educational resource, but as a meeting place, a spot to socialize and gain confidence in being able to find books, seek stories of adventure and use tools to entice creativity and imagination.

The idea of inclusivity is one thing, yet to not realize the value of individualism is another.

Let us bring back this valuable position. Let us change the way we think about education, especially for those young readers beginning their journey into adventures and a lifetime of love and appreciation for literature.

The ability to have a tactile item in hand, to hold, to treasure and to go back to time and again is invaluable.

Let’s not group all individuals together and realize we all have a variety of needs that require a variety of people to assist.

I encourage anyone who values the children’s librarian to contact the TNRD and write a letter of support.

Our librarian is more than simply a person who helps us find our books.

She is someone who creates a space for us to learn and grow into independent readers and explorers of knowledge.

Carolyn Tytor

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