Letter: Bring the TNRD out of darkness and into sunlight


I am in total agreement with Kamloops Coun. Kathy Sinclair and the other Thompson-Nicola Regional District directors who voted to bring the recording of votes into the sunshine, where all of the taxpayers paying the freight can see the results.

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In my experiences with the TNRD, it appears the operations are carried out clandestinely, with answers to any inquiries being run around in circles and being passed from one department to another, hoping to have the nuisance go away.

One issue that comes to mind was the overtime payment to TNRD staff as a result of the wildfires and floods in 2017 (‘TNRD had $582,000 overtime bill for last year’s floods and fires,’ KTW, July 27, 2018).

The regional district’s chief administrative officer was paid an additional $117,000, which was part of more than a half-million dollars in overtime expenses accumulated by TNRD staff last year.

Financial statements show Sukh Gill received the additional pay on top of his regular salary ($206,000), combining for nearly $325,000 in compensation in 2017.

I find a $117,000 overtime payment to a salaried position obscene, considering the people on the ground were working 12 to 14 hours a day in extreme temperature under extreme conditions, while getting paid a wage in some cases below the poverty line.

I queried Kamloops Coun. Dieter Dudy, who was and remains a TNRD director, about the $117,000 payment and his reply was to contact the TNRD about it.

No opinion, just pass me my pay, hiked to $14,400 from $13,028 that he probably voted in favour of in March of this year. We don’t know because the votes are not recorded.

The TNRD has been operating for years in a dark zone with little or no oversight, spending taxpayers’ money on myriad projects, from zoning to landfills, that affect many citizens.

It’s time to bring the happenings of the TNRD into the sunlight and push hard for vote recording and/or an electronic and video broadcast system.

The taxpayers deserve it.

What are directors opposed to this hiding?

Ken Barry

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