Letter: Can't believe people want city to fight climate change


Re: Reader poll in the July 10 and July 12 editions of KTW (‘Would you be willing to pay more in taxes to fund City of Kamloops initiatives to combat climate change?’):

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I can’t believe that there are 38 per cent of people out there who believe the City of Kamloops should fight climate change — the same bunch who can’t fix our streets, but have money to paint rainbows across roads with toxic paint.

How can anyone believe anything that comes from city hall would make sense?

We do not make enough pollution in this country to make any kind of difference.

So, until the rest of the world comes down to our level of pollution, anything we do is irrelevant.

Until then, let the city fund their climate change propaganda with the money that would be wasted to put rainbows on the streets.

Frank Weber
Heffley Creek

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