Letter: Cavers' food idea makes sense and Kamloops council should consider it


Kudos to Christopher Foulds for his timely column of March 8 (‘More food for thought wasted’), in which he lamented the fact Kamloops council did not even discuss the idea behind a notice of motion from former councillor Donovan Cavers.

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Cavers wanted council to commit to having at least five per cent of city plants be edible.

Reading Foulds’ column, I was swept up with a rush of “Yes. I never thought of that. Let’s do it.”

In the UBC area in Vancouver, one can follow long pathways, meandering through glorious forest of blackberries. I love to harvest them when I visit — if the community hasn’t beat me to it.

We tend to express a lot of sympathy for people who struggle on the streets, often doing very little about it.

What could be more practical and economical than providing fresh, delicious food that’s often not affordable at the stores?

As for Cavers’ so-called ghost motions, I thought the city welcomed citizens to come up with good ideas.

I believe Cavers’ idea is brilliant.

Perhaps not every one of his suggestions is desirable, but at least he doesn’t appear to be pouting, as many failed hopefuls do.

He continues to contribute ideas and aspirations in which he believes.

I believe in this one. Let’s go for it, council.

Colleen Carbol


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