Letter: Chill out, slow down and pass cyclists when safe to do so


Re: Pierce Graham’s letter of June 12 (‘Cyclists need to learn all the rules of the road’):

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Allow me to correct some of the points Graham makes

1. There are no bike lanes on Westsyde Road reserved solely for cyclists. There are such lanes in Vancouver, where cyclists must ride in reserved lanes.

2. Cyclists are allowed to ride on all roads unless there is a specific restriction, and the only restriction I know of are parts of the Highway 1 bypass.

3. Bicycles must ride as close as reasonable to the right side of the road, but are entitled to be in a traffic lane. Cars should pass when safe to do so, leaving sufficient room between car and bike.

4. Normal cycling speeds for road bikes are between 25 km/h and 35 km/h. Multi-use paths are for pedestrians, kids on bikes and disabled people on scooters. It is not safe for others when cyclists are travelling at those speeds. Some multi-use paths restrict speeds to 15 km/h and, while that is not official in Kamloops, it is safer.

I am an avid cyclist and ride nearly every day.

Most motorists are courteous to cyclists, but there are a small percentage of the motoring public who feel we should not be on the road.

We have as much right to be on the road as do drivers of vehicles. Please chill out, slow down and pass when safe to do so.

Manny Mattis


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