Letter: Climate change questions require consideration


In his letter of June 14 (‘Check reliable sources when researching climate change’), Marten Lettinga claims Dr. Tim Ball is an “anthropogenic climate change denier” and a “retired geography professor, not an expert on climate change.”

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Lettinga says we should check out the realclimate.org website and listen to Dr. Katharine Hayhoe’s TED Talks.

Clearly, Lettinga is under the impression that Hayhoe and the people who contribute to realclimate.org are experts on the subject of climate change and that we should listen to and agree with them because of their expertise.

However, when I checked out realclimate.org, I found that none of the current or former regular contributors has a degree in climate science.

There are five mathematicians and physicists, a couple of geoscientists (one with a master of science in geography, geology and mineralogy), a geochemist, a computational ocean chemist, a software engineer and a guy with a bachelor of science in wildlife management and a master of science in plant science.

Hayhoe’s degree is in atmospheric science and she teaches political science at Texas Tech University.

Now, I have all kinds of respect for the amount of time and energy these people expended to achieve their education.

Most of them are PhDs in their fields.

Nevertheless, not one of them has actually earned any degree in climate science.

So, how did Lettinga come to the conclusion that these people are “climate change experts”?

Lettinga strongly suggested that not having a degree in the field of climate science disqualifies one from being an expert on climate change.

If so, then none of the people who Lettinga looks to for guidance on how to think about climate change could possibly be experts on the subject.

I don’t rely on “experts” to tell me what to think.

I maintain a healthy skepticism. I look at all sides of a question, then decide for myself what to think.

I suggest everyone else do the same.

And a side note to Lettinga — if you have to call someone names and denigrate that person’s education and professional career in order to make your point, your argument isn’t very good.

Monna Manhas

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