Letter: Communication, not blindsiding, is the key


The Aug. 24 story on the front page of KTW (‘A queen chats with city kids’):

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A parent, Aaron Krausert, was quoted in the article, wondering about the day-care children who attended Darcy Daniel’s story time and what may happen when they talk to their parents about gender identity at home.

Krausert said “those parents are going to be a little blindsided.”

The article went on to say the point of Daniel’s talk may have been to blindside families.

So I looked up the meaning of blindsided and the Merriam-Webster definition was: “1: to hit unexpectedly from or as if from the blind side. 2: to surprise unpleasantly”.

Daniel speaks about families teaching their children to hate others.

I am saddened that families are spoken about in this negative light. My view is that the majority of families do not teach their children to hate others.

With all due respect to Daniel and his right to dress however he wishes in Canada, I believe parents are still allowed to promote lifestyles and choices they believe are healthy for their children.

This does not mean they hate others who dress, act or live differently than they would chose.

I hope the dialogue between members of the LGBTQ community and parents can be open and not automatically lead to negative assumptions about how parents teach their children.

It is my hope that day cares obtain consent from families prior to taking them to the library to hear stories read by Daniel.

And it is my wish that the strategy of education does not include blindsiding families, but involves respectful communication in which all parties consent to information being discussed with children at a public library.

Gina Howell

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