Letter: Consumers paying for corporations' irresponsibility


Re: KTW reporter Jessica Wallace’s article of Nov. 27 (‘Kamloops considering cardboard ban at landfills’):

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I am appalled that businesses and other commercial operations are not required to recycle their large-scale cardboard waste and other recyclable products.

We as consumers and private citizens are being asked to diligently do all our own tedious recycling, namely to store and then haul our own glass, soft plastics, Styrofoam etc. to our local recycling depot. This requires both a car and excessive at-home storage and sorting space.

Yet companies are not consistently required to store and recycle their excessive amounts of cardboard waste, nor offer recycling for products they offer us.

Single consumers versus large-scale companies — why is the burden placed on the backs of us, yet the companies reaping the profits of our choices are not called to do their part?

In the past year, we have had our straws taken away. We are now faced with spending ridiculous amounts of money on re-usable bamboo or metal straws or asking for paper straws that disintegrate within minutes of being placed in a drink.

Plastic bags are being taken away and we need to haul around our own array of shopping bags.

However, companies were for years permitted to offer us these items, with no recycling options in place.

For the time being, our favourite cafes still offer paper or plastic drink containers and plastic lids for our takeaway drinks.

We mostly dump them in the garbage and watch as nothing gets recycled. How long before these rich companies are finally forced to offer comprehensive, clearly marked recycling options at and near their businesses, or offer sizable discounts when we bring our own mugs?

How long before they are forced to recycle all their industrial-sized coffee bean bags, cardboard boxes and other plastic packaging materials?

In the meantime, sure, take away our paper cups. The consumer gets in trouble for the choices we make and the garbage we create, yet the corporations that create those choices don’t bear any responsibility.

It just does not seem right.

Regulation is chasing after corporations, but only after they have made their limitless profits to the detriment of Mother Nature.

We all bear the devastating consequences. What am I missing?

Tanja Hasler


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