Letter: CP Rail should idle no more in Kamloops


In all the years I’ve lived on Lorne Street, I’ve never been more miserable due to CP Rail’s incessant and unnecessary idling of its trains.

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CP leaves its engines parked at the closest track to the residential area, no longer for hours, but for literally days (sometimes even weeks) on end. If I’m lucky, I can have a couple of hours of peace, only to have another one replace them that same day — and the cycle continues.

No matter where you go on Lorne, you’re bound to see and hear a train idling along CP’s fence. Being told by CP and officials that we have to deal with it because we live near the tracks, or that “they were here first” is not an acceptable answer, nor is it, by any means, a professional one.

I get that CP is important, especially to our economy, and nobody is disputing that, but the company can’t keep hiding behind the flimsy excuses it uses to justify not improving its business — especially for nearby residents who are suffering.

A business must be open to dialogue (which CP is not) and not only listen, but also address complaints and be willing to change how it operates.

We are not complaining about something minor; this is a serious problem when it’s a nonstop barrage of noise and air pollution.

CP can keep its yard, but it needs to change its procedures regarding idling. The start/stop method is no longer an acceptable choice and needs to be reworked into something that is not only quiet, but also better for the environment.

It is now 2020. The world has changed and most companies have evolved with the times, but CP refuses to move forward and, in my opinion, only ever thinks of itself.

CP Rail needs to show us it is capable of being a good neighbour because good neighbours don’t pollute and make excuses for creating unbearable noise.

Sarah Walker

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