Letter: Create electronic libraries


I was just thinking about how we have one too many libraries in Kamloops when I came across an article in KTW about plans to build another one.

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Brick and mortar libraries are quickly becoming obsolete and they are being used less and less due to digital technology.

Most new titles today are available in digital format, which you can download from home.

Content is far more important than a building in which to read it.

I already have my own building.

I would rather have the material come to me instantly, electronically, than have to drive to a building and get a book.

They should spend the money on more digital titles and, perhaps, on programs to help patrons learn how to access them from home.

We should be planning for the future when considering our library budget.

I would be surprised if most publishers would even bother to print on paper 10 years from now.

In 20 years? No way.

Tom Joseph


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