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Letter: Crickets after speed complaint

Nothing heard back after speed complaint to police


John Moss' letter ('Police need to focus on speeders,' Nov. 2) regarding speeding is bang on.

I live in a 30 kilometre per hour zone next to a playground and regularly see the same vehicles driving through at speeds of 60 kilometres per hour.

A few have even been in the range of 80 kilometres per hour. I filed a complaint with Kamloops RCMP this past spring. I was given a file number and told by two separate constables that someone from the traffic division would be in touch.

So far, all I have heard is crickets.

In nearly four years of living here, I have never seen any sign of traffic enforcement in the area. There is relatively little transient traffic in our neighbourhood. The offending drivers are almost always residents of the area. I suspect it wouldn't take long for the word to get out if the RCMP showed up once a month and started handing out tickets.

Kelvin Ward