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Letter: Crime is getting worse in Kamloops

We all see it and we all hear about it
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KTW’s recent story regarding a decrease in thefts from vehicles is hard to believe. Perhaps reported thefts from vehicles is down, but crime is getting worse in Kamloops.

We all see it and we all hear about it.

We need accountability. Kamloops has problems and we need to solve them. We need to get off social media and get to know our neighbours. We need to support each other and local businesses. We need to report all crimes, regardless of how minor they might seem. Crime is crime.

Let’s come up with local solutions to solving these problems. Governments don’t solve our problems — we do.

We need local initiatives, local ideas and local programs. If the government was solving our problems, things would be getting better and it is obvious they are not.

If you have an idea, put it out there. It is going to take some creative thinking and a community effort with an attitude change to make things better.

The big picture is that crime is getting worse in Kamloops, not better. Kamloops is our community, so let’s make it what we want.

Get out and vote on Oct. 15.

Stephen Karpuk