Letter: Cyclists are allowed to ride on the road


Re: Pierce Graham’s letter of June 12 (‘Cyclists need to learn all the rules of the road’):

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I agree that all cyclists need to learn all the rules of the road.

Any driver of a motor vehicle who has a licence and uses our road system must follow rules that are there so everyone can use our roads safely.

These rules are contained the Motor Vehicle Act of B.C.

Included in this legislation are the rules for cyclists, rules that state which highways, bridges, etc., a cyclist can use, as well a rules for helmet use, signalling a turn and riding on roads.

Yes, cyclists are allowed to ride on roads — legally.

I ride on the roads and I follow the rules. I would suggest that if all the cyclists and other drivers learned and adhered to the rules of the road, we would have fewer problems.

Stephen Karpuk


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