Letter: Cyclists have a right to be on the road


Re: Pierce Graham’s letter of June 12 (‘Cyclists need to learn all the rules of the road’):

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I found Graham’s letter inaccurate and disrespectful. His statement —“the cyclist was riding his bike and dressed as if he were in the Tour de France” —is extremely condescending.

As cyclists, we wear the clothing you see for many reasons — chaffing being one and wind resistance being another.

With respect to cyclists riding their bikes on Westsyde Road, they are well within their rights to do so. The pathway for shared use is for recreational cyclists and pedestrians going a certain speed. The road cyclist maintains a faster speed and requires a smoother surface than the pathway offers.

In fact, it’s the driver who needs to learn the rules of the road. Drivers can refer to the Motor Vehicle Act of B.C., where the bicycle, like a car or motorcycle, is treated as a moving vehicle.

Drivers must maintain a safe distance when behind or passing a cyclist. Many vehicles pass so close to cyclists that they are actually endangering the life of the cyclist.

Drivers should have patience when approaching a cyclist and wait until it is safe to pass before they do so. Drivers and cyclists can co-exist on the road if both follow the rules of the road.

Safety should be the first concern, not how fast you can get past the cyclist.

Colleen DeVeyrac


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