Letter: Daylight saving time can create havoc


Re: The March 8 letter from H. W. Druskee (‘An argument for keeping time change’):

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Over the years, I have read too many letters expressing a view in a manner that is insulting or condescending to those of a differing opinion. If one is going to write a letter, does one really think acting that way will convince anyone?

The above-referenced letter has this pretty much from beginning to end.

Just because time change works for Druskee does not mean that it works for others. I have friends and acquaintances who do get jerked around by time change. Telling us to suck it up is not very friendly.

As to the discipline issue, why is it that so many people that tell others to be disciplined tend not to discipline themselves in the area of whether they should be pushing things on others?

Mankind did without daylight saving time for thousands of years. Why is it so necessary to keep it when it has a litany of disadvantages?

A joke I read about daylight saving time is that it is like cutting off the bottom of a blanket and sewing it to the top in order to lengthen the blanket. If daylight saving time were being proposed today, would we be able to read the proposal without eye-rolls, giggles and the like?

A friend of mine thanked me for reminding him the night before about the impending time change.

I had to do that to make sure all of us meeting were on the same schedule. Daylight saving time can also cause havoc with scheduling software (as can time zones).

Regardless of your view, do enjoy the longer hours of sunlight, whatever we label them. On that much I do agree with Druskee.

Gene Wirchenko

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