Letter: Defending Trump from Foulds’ attacks


Re: Christopher Foulds’ column of July 5 (‘Drawing the truth can offend — and that’s the point’):

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Drawing the truth can offend, but using a drawing to libel is unacceptable.

The drownings of Salvadoran migrant Oscar Alberto Martínez Ramírez and his toddler daughter Valeria in the Rio Grande River that separates Matamoros, Mexico, and Brownsville, Tex., were the father’s fault.

He did not want to go through the asylum process.

In his column, Foulds libelled U.S. President Donald Trump by referencing this tragedy, a “locker room talk” incident, an accusation that asylum camps in the United States are inhumane and an inferring that Trump has a despotic nature.

This was all in defence of a political cartoonist who was fired for depicting Trump golfing over the drowned father and daughter.

I urge KTW readers to listen to an excerpt from the second Presidential Debate in 2016, when Trump discusses the “locker room talk” incident — stemming from audio captured during his visit to Access Hollywood— so they can put the incident into perspective.

The asylum camps in the U.S. are a far better accommodation than the asylum seekers had at home.

And how does diplomatic tact become an indication of a despotic nature?

It would be nice if we received some truth out of the mainstream media now and then, but it does not appear that this will happen any time soon in Kamloops.

Richard Lodmell

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