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Letter: Ditch the wood chips in Kamloops playground

I would suggest crews remove the wood chips and return the pea gravel to Saddleback Park
The playground in Saddleback Park in Batchelor Heights.


I live in Batchelor Heights and have some concerns about work taking place on the playground in Saddleback Park.

The city has hired a landscape company to update the playground, which is a welcome addition. My concern is that crews removed all of the pea gravel to do the work, which is typical; however, they have replaced this with wood chips.

These wood chips are highly flammable and we live in a drought-ridden city. Another known issue with wood chips is that they attract ants, which is not conducive with kids playing in that space. The wood chips/sawdust will be clinging to the kids’ clothes and hair and, ultimately, enter our homes.

These wood chips will continue to dry in the summer months and become more flammable.

All it would take is someone to accidentally discard a cigarette. Even glass has been known to ignite dry items through reflection from the sun. The areas around the park are very dry and there are a gullies on two sides that can lead to a runaway fire down to many homes and to Westsyde road.

I would suggest crews remove the wood chips and return the pea gravel.

Thomas Gibson