Letter: Do not mess with the jewel of Kamloops


Re: The Jan. 23 KTW article regarding a poll conducted on the proposed public market at Riverside Park (‘Older residents more opposed to market: poll’):

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I like the public market. I do not see why it cannot continue on St. Paul Street, as it now exists as the farmers’ market.

I do not like the idea of development in Riverside Park. Once a space is developed, it is very unlikely to be undone, and even if so — as in the former Kamloops Daily News location — it would require much work to remediate to something somewhat natural.

The park is great to have as a fairly big, fairly empty urban space.

As to Daphane Nelson’s comment — “I really wish that people who are not in support of a location at Riverside Park would take a step back and look at what the project intends to be, not just that our main location is requesting Riverside Park ... It may or may not end up there.” — I like the park.

I am not going support something that could end up resulting in development in the park.

Do not mess with our jewel.

Gene Wirchenko

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