Letter: Dog days can be dangerous


Of late, I have read a few letters to the editor in KTW from motorists and cyclists, all expressing their points of view about sharing a roadway.

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Somewhat down the food chain would be pedestrians and pedestrians who have kids and/or dogs out for a walk.

Consider Rivers Trail, a public pathway shared by cyclists and pedestrians.

We have had a few close calls with cyclists who have come from behind and go by us, sometimes at a relatively high rate of speed, without announcing their presence.

Unless a pedestrian does a shoulder check once every minute or so, there will be times when a cyclist approaching from behind will not be detected.

On a recent night, our dog ended up having an encounter with a cyclist. The dog took the brunt of the impact.

The cyclist did not fare well emotionally as she was extremely upset.

We asked her how she was and she said she was OK, but she repeated how sorry she was that our dog had been hit.

We were angry, mainly because there had been some close calls before and now the very disturbing scenario of our pet being hit had come true.

We took our dog home and I phoned the after-hour line at the vet clinic and the on-call vet gave me a call at home.

Thankfully, the dog did not sustain any serious injuries.

I want to let the girl know that and we hope she is also OK.

John Noakes

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