Letter: Domtar is not asking for help from taxpayers


Re: Dave Decker's letter of Nov. 6 ('Domtar shouldn’t get help from taxpayers'):

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With respect to all in this conversation, Domtar is not asking for help from Kamloops taxpayers.

I was present at the city council meeting where Domtar mill manager Jean-Claude Allaire gave a presentation on the current business environment the mill is facing today.

He shared information on our products, future environmental investments, future production investments, fiber supply and the fact that many sawmills have closed in the Kamloops region.

Allaire confirmed that Domtar wants to be in Kamloops supporting the community in the future.

The presentation ended with Domtar asking city council to look at the heavy industry tax rate in other cities that have comparable industries and to consider making the rate fair based on those comparisons.

Domtar employs 340 people directly and supports another 1,300 jobs in the Kamloops area.

The previous letter-writer is entitled to his opinion.

The issue I see, though, is that the writer failed to mention he just retired from Domtar after a lengthy career at the Kamloops mill. The writer also enjoyed what many desire — a job close to his home, a good wage, heath benefits, paid vacations and now a good retirement pension.

All of this is what current employees want to enjoy in their future employment at the mill.

I hope the writer enjoys his retirement after working at the Domtar mill site for many years.

We can only hope that others could enjoy the same going forward.

Rene Pellerin

Unifor Local 10B president


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