Letter: Domtar shouldn’t get help from taxpayers


Re: (Story: ‘Voters group urges caution to city hall when considering tax breaks’, Friday, Nov. 1):

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What is fair?

As Domtar again comes knocking on taxpayers’ doors looking for more money, I have these thoughts.

We found it fair to turn a blind eye — and nose — to the pollution created by the mill when they were providing over 1,000 well-paid jobs.

Now, with less than a third of that remaining, it’s a little harder to stomach.

Of the three legs of the Domtar pollution triangle, the main stack is the most visible, but the least worrisome.

Round the clock, the mill draws in a large quantity of our river water and returns it to the waterway as effluent.

They say you can drink it. The people of Tobiano and Savona do.

I’d pass, personally.

Domtar’s massive landfill is a bit of a worry as well.

A number of years ago, some smart lawyers got millions of federal tax dollars given to the Kamloops mill for a green initiative — your money and my money.

When I give to a charity, I look for one truly in need.

Domtar is not one of them.

Dave Decker

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