Letter: Education before the plastic bag ban in Kamloops


I agree with letter writer Ken Dalke (‘No plastic bag ban until city gives us alternatives,’ April 9) that there needs to be a good alternative to plastic bags before they are banned.

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I think the education campaign is working.

I use less and feel guilty if I forget my re-usable bag and have to pay for one. Not everyone has reusable bags or can afford them.

Yes, I can keep a bag in the car for unplanned shopping, but not everyone has a vehicle or a place to stow a bag. And, sometimes, we humans just forget.

So, I won’t buy the items I wanted (less money to local business) or drop things as I try to carry them home?

Some of the newer plasticized antimicrobial-coated bags do not last and are only wipe-clean. I prefer the re-usable cloth bags I can throw in the washer and know they are clean.

There are some filthy re-usable bags out there.

If people put leaky meat/poultry/fish in those bags and later use them for fruits and vegetables, they can create a petri dish of bacteria to contaminate themselves and others who handle those bags.

It could be an infection-control issue, especially for cashiers expected to handle those bags.

I predict cashiers refusing to handle unclean re-usable bags. Education about cleaning such bags is not well publicized.

Until there is an affordable, re-usable, washable bag available to everyone, Kamloops council should encourage more education about reducing and recycling plastic bags and/or source alternatives.

How about something biodegradable, like paper?

Crystal Weston

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