Letter: Fix Jacko Lake dam now, deal with land claim later


Re: KTW’s front-page article of Jan. 10 (‘Dam delay’) on the stalemate between landowner KGHM and area First Nations that is delaying needed dam upgrades to Jacko Lake, south of the city:

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Regarding the dam on Jacko Lake, I am a retired archeologist (SFU, UBC).

I have also spent many hours hiking in the Kamloops region, including the area around Jacko Lake. I am always on the lookout for, but have seen absolutely no evidence of, prehistoric activity in the Jacko Lake area.

There is an abundance of historical activity, including ranching, homesteading and mining.

The lake itself is a modern creation, the result of the dam in question.

Previously, the lake was much smaller and did not contain any fish species of note. The rainbow trout for which the lake is renowned are a recent introduction.

There is no reason for First Nations people to have visited the lake in the past. Area First Nations were primarily situated along the Thompson River and the lake is a steep nine-kilometre trek away.

Hunters may have visited the area in the past, but as far as going there for fish? Pure nonsense.

The area itself has been much disturbed by ranching and mining activities, so to suggest something like an archeological assessment or even the improvement of the dam would disturb any prehistoric sites is, again, nonsense.

Fix the dam first and deal with the spurious land claim later.

George Will

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