Letter: Forestry crisis was predictable and preventable


As a longtime forest activist who once worked in the forest industry, the province should know the closure of sawmills and loss of jobs is the future we warned about.

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For decades, we have cautioned that the province’s forests are being overcut and the result will be degraded ecosystems, loss of species, damage to fresh water supplies and job losses.

The industry is the architect of its own demise.

While forest workers are but pawns in this travesty, the forest companies have taken their well-subsidized profits and invested the money into sawmills in the U.S., where tree plantations grow many times faster than they do here.

British Columbia’s forests have been ravaged and, while citizens are left with the mess, the corporations will continue to profit south of the border.

While mill closures and job losses are depressing, today’s crisis was predictable and preventable.

Jim Cooperman
Shuswap Environmental Action Society

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