Letter: Freedom of speech always trumps complaints


I like freedom of speech.

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The Opinion page in the Oct. 5 edition of KTW contained two attacks on freedom of speech.

The letter from Tony Jones (‘Pro-life protesters’ signs re-traumatize women’) opens with “I am all for one’s right to protest and teach their religion in any way that is deemed legal.”

(By the way, what if someone is opposed to abortion for non-religious reasons?)

Jones then states how he is actually not all for it.

If thinking about a matter retraumatizes someone, perhaps enough rational thought has been given to the matter. Maybe both sides of the argument should be considered.

People are responsible for their own feelings. No one can make you feel bad without your consent.

Then there was a reply to a story (‘Cavers wants city to ban campaign signs on public property’), with an online commenter wanting to adopt Edmonton’s bylaw that states signs should be at least 10 metres from private driveways.

Considering how wide properties are, that would make it very difficult for an urban homeowner to post election signs.

Besides, these signs are such an insignificant, short-term issue.

If it is the potential for distraction, try going after billboards or store signs first.

Do not count on my support though.

I like freedom of speech. How about you?

Gene Wirchenko

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