Letter: Fuelling up the eternal debate on gas prices


It always astounds me to hear the number of complaints about high gasoline prices and the carbon tax.

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What did people expect?

The whole idea of a carbon tax is to raise the price of carbon-based energy to discourage people from using it and to encourage people to find other less carbon-intensive ways to live their lives.

Unless someone comes up with a better way, we are stuck with it and should embrace it.

The economists say the carbon tax will have to be many times greater than what we are presently experiencing to actually have the desired effect.

Our problem is that no one wants to change (reduce) their standard of living even if they want to reduce their carbon footprint.

We’re going to have to give up on that European vacation or that cross-Canada trip to celebrate retirement.

We can’t continue to visit our relatives in Ontario twice a year or continue to have annual family reunions that draw relatives from across the country.

Sure, you can afford it, but the world that our grandchildren must live in can’t.

Doug Dowell

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