Letter: Get a clue, Kamloops! We don’t need fancy


Here comes the performing arts debate again and once again we have a bunch of snooty aristocrats trying to push the Taj Majal down our throats.

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A Performing Arts Centre came up a couple of years ago and now, once again, we hear Kamloops Symphony this and Western Canada Theatre that.

What are the rest of the performing artists in Kamloops? Chopped liver?

There are a dozen community choirs out there, countless dance schools, the Thompson Valley and Brandenburg orchestras, Kamloops Community Band, the Rube Band and several smaller theatre groups. All of these ensembles need rehearsal and performance space yet there is no mention of public funding or grand patronage for them.

Why are these the only ensembles that merit attention?

Clue in, you oligarchs on your ivory thrones. Kamloops is not Toronto. It is not Vancouver. We do not need a Sydney Opera House (which, by the way, overran its construction budget by tens of millions).

What we need is a big, sturdy, multipurpose box with comfortable seats and some good acoustics. We need a place that is flexible for ensembles big and small and affordable to rent by groups both professional and those not so professional.

We need something that will not burden the city budget for years to come that can be enjoyed by all the public, not just those who can afford triple-digit seats and champagne at intermission.

When the powers that be can come up with such a design, then I’ll be behind it.

Jean Lefevre

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